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955 Gerrard Street East & Pape Ave - Leslieville - East Toronto



The Cobbler Menu - Summer 2019


 The Cobbler was a very famous category of drinks popular in the 19th century during the Golden Age of the American cocktail. They could be made from a variety of spirits or fortified wines such as sherry or port and were usually served on crushed ice with a vibrant mix of fruits as garnish in what would have been considered a very fancy cocktail of the day.

sherry cobbler

fino & amon sherries, limoncello, house curacao, raspberries, spice tincture

champagne cobbler 

cointreau, lillet blanc, campari, pineapple, absinthe, bubbly

mezcalero cobbler

mezcal, aperol, bianco vermouth, grapefruit, cracked pepper

sloe jam cobbler

sloe gin, hayman’s gin, averna, blueberry jam, lemon, sparkling wine

porch cobbler 

dry vermouth, st. germain, leblon cachaca, luxardo bianco, peychaud’s bitter