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The PUNCH Menu - Holiday 2019

Considered by most to be the earliest form of cocktail, it was a solution to tame harsh spirits of the early 1600's. The name likely comes from 'puncheon', a small barrel that the drink would have originally been served from, but quickly evolved into being served from punch bowls as we know it today. 

Sangaree Punch 
wine, port, rum, citrus, maple syrup
The predecessor to the modern day sangria and original single-serve punch, elegant with a long finish.

Fish House Punch
benedictine, brandy, rum, peach liqueur, citrus
This classic was created at a Philadelphia fishing club that was known as the 'Fish House'. A fragrant, fresh punch; fishing not recommended after imbibing. Served Warm or Cold.

Doray Punch

pisco, tokaji, green chartreuse, rum, pineapple, egg white
Found after dusting off our old cocktail books, our version breathes life into a forgotten libation. Complex and unforgettable.

Navy Punch
house navy rum blend, blackcurrant liqueur, lime
Based on an original recipe by the father of Tiki, Don the Beachcomber,  this rum punch is sure to transport you to warmer climes.

Jamaican Milk Punch
dairy, overproof rum, sugar, vanilla 

Our take on a creamy Caribbean favourite, great as an after dinner treat.  Served Warm or Cold.