WINTER – Dinner Menu



mushrooms – 17.
Roasted Oyster Mushroom, Croutons, Tarragon Foam, Sixty-Four degree Egg, Walnuts

tomato chowder – 18.
Clams, Mussels, Smoked Trout, Tomato Broth

rutabaga hummus – 16.
Charred Carrots, Pomegranates, Za’ atar, Pita Bread

meat pie – 17.
Duroc Pork & Turkey, Pickled Onion, Mustard, Greens

burrata half or whole – 19. / 29.
Pear Mostarda, Pistachio,  Fennel Pollen, Grilled Focaccia


kale salad – 15.
Herbs, Almonds, Orange Vinaigrette

beets – 16.
Roasted, Pickled and Chipped, Cashew Cream, Dill

Wood Grilled Slab Bacon, Puff Crouton, Anchovy Dressing, Parmigiano


truffle barlotto – 26.
Barley Risotto, Celeriac, Truffle

Lobster, Peas, Hen of the Woods, Oregano

fogo island cod – 34.
Cauliflower & White Bean Salad, Bourride Sauce

kolapore springs trout32.
Squash, Kale, Black Trumpets & Sage

Snowden roast chicken – 32.
Pasture-raised, Confit Potatoes & Onion

Wild Wood Gruyere, Dill Pickle Relish, Lettuce, Garlic Mayonnaise, French Fries 

Wood Grilled, Red Pepper Coulis, Eggplant Fritter, Onion Chutney

wagyu picanha – 60.
Wood Grilled, Chimichurri, Roasted Creamer Potato & Hen of the Wood Mushrooms

bone-in rib eye – 115.
32oz, Wood Grilled, Beef Jus


milk bread (pain au lait) – 6.5
Cultured Butter

 brussels – 12.
 Sweet Potato, Ginger, Kalamanci Vinaigrette 

peppercorn bacon – 9.
Wood Fire Grilled Bacon & Chimichurri

grilled broccolini – 13.
Creamer, Gremolata, Asiago

fries – 10.
Parmigiano, Truffle Aioli


plum pavlova – 11.
almond, Cream, Herbs

candied apple – 11.
Apple, Caramel, Pumpkin Spice

chocolate tarte – 11.
Chocolate & Hazelnuts

Caesar salad with wood grilled peppercorn bacon
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MLT Old Fashioned Cocktail
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